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Electronic Submittal & Selection Process:   In an effort to improve efficiency and support a paperless green initiative, the City of Orlando (City) will be implementing an electronic submittal process for professional services, "eConsultant".   When implemented, eConsultant will enable those consultants, as defined by FL §287.055, the Consultants' Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA), professional architectural, engineering, landscape architectural, or surveying and mapping services - to electronically register to receive solicitations and to submit qualification statements and responses via an easy to use form generation software called™ (GFS), which is available at no charge.

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Consultants must first install the GFS program in order to electronically post their forms.  Enter your firm's Federal Employer ID (FEIN) and your email address, then click the Install GFS button.
Important information for firms with branch offices!
FEIN Email Address
Program Name™
System requirements
All primes AND consultants must submit THEIR OWN SF330 - Part II's!
Click here for instructions on how to use GFS software program.

 Frequently Asked Questions
How do I post my form(s) to this agency?
I don't see the Post button and can't post my form.
How do I know if my form was posted correctly?
How do you add an electronic signature or image to the form?
How do I generate an entirely new SF330 Part I?
How do I add more pages to the form?
I forgot my password!
What's the difference between Posting and Uploading?
How can I quickly decrease the font size in Item 9(b) and Item 10(b) of the SF330 Part II?
Fix Error: [File access denied] when starting the program.
Fix Error: [License code(s) not properly installed] when attempting to Post.
When I click the Post button why doesn't anything happen (the program hangs)?
The system hangs while attempting to Post a form.
How do I move the program (and all of the forms and data) from one machine to another?
How do I RETRACT an item that I have already Posted or Uploaded?
How do I change the email address associated with our FEIN?
Completed SF330 Part II <Sample>

 Manually Post/Upload Items
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 Blacklist   List of BAD (undeliverable) email addresses entered in the system.  This agency uses information from the SF 330 - Part II, Item 6, to communicate with each consultant so it is VITAL to keep that information up to date.

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